Paul Cupido

Paul Cupido’s approach to his art is rooted in the desire to let go, employing his camera as an extension of his senses. He captures unique moments that reflect the magic of his experiences. This approach resonates with ‘Haiku’ in Japanese culture, which emphasizes focusing on the present moment to enhance intuition and potentially lead to sudden enlightenment.

From the early stages of his career, Cupido has been captivated by Japanese culture and philosophy, which he integrates into his artistic language in a free and adaptable manner. His works do not merely reference the visible but concentrate on emotions and experiences.  

Born in 1972, Paul Cupido graduated with honors from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2017. He has authored several artist books, including ‘Searching for Mu’ (2017), ‘Continuum’ (2019), and ‘4 a.m.’ (2021) — each one in collaboration with graphic designer Akiko Wakabayashi. Cupido's works and artist books are part of the collections at MoMa and Van Lanschot. His art has been exhibited widely, including at Paris Photo, Art Rotterdam, Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, Unseen Amsterdam, and the Nordic Light Festival. In 2022, Cupido was selected as the inaugural artist-in-residence for ‘INSTANTS’, a residency program by Château Palmer and Leica and in 2023 as artist-in-residence at the Photo Festival InCadaqués in Catalonia.

Instagram: @paul.cupido