Anna and William Singer

The core of the 'Singer Collection' is the collection of the couple William and Anna Singer. In the course of the last century they acquired works by French painters from the Barbizon School area, befriended American artists and traditionally impressionist Gooi artists. Special friends were the American Walter Griffin, the Norwegian Martin Borgord, the French Henri Le Sidaner and the Dutch Jacob and Willem Dooijewaard.


Since its founding in 1956, Singer Laren has been able to expand the collection of Anna and William Singer through acquisitions, gifts and loans. Initially mainly paintings from the Hague School and Amsterdam Impressionists. Purchases that were often made possible by the Friends of Singer Laren Foundation. Major donations were those of works by Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig and the Groeneveld collection. In 2015, Singer Laren received from Renée Smithuis a large donation of paintings from the Bergen School. On April 10, 2018, Els Blokker-Verwer announced that she is donating the Nardinc Collection to Singer Laren.

Collection policy

Singer Laren's collection policy focuses on the acquisition of works of art from modernism, such as neo-impressionism or pointillism, expressionism, cubism and geometric abstraction. Important artists belonging to these movements have worked in Laren and the surrounding area. In recent years, the collection has expanded with work by Bart van der Leck, Jan Sluijters, Leo Gestel, Chris Beekman, Jan Toorop, Else Berg, Gustave De Smet, Herman Kruyder, Jacoba van Heemskerck and Charley Toorop.

The most beautiful paintings

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