Singer Laren works with its own chef and with three caterers to take care of all your culinary needs, and to maintain high standards of catering, in terms of both the quality and the provenance of the food and drink we serve. If you would prefer to use your own caterer, please contact our department.

We would like to introduce our three catering partners:

Maison van den Boer is a reliable, innovative partner for big projects, NieuwZuijd is known for its high-quality artisanal food prepared with local produce from the Gooi region, and MPS | food & design is an imaginative party caterer that always has a surprise up its sleeve.

Maison van den Boer
‘Singer Laren is more than just a beautiful museum, it is also a unique spot that is ideal for a special, distinctive event. Maison van den Boer is one of three partners that can help you bring your event together. We will be happy to show you our “collection”, though tailoring our product to our customer’s wishes is our main motivation.’
- Jeroen Enzerink, managing director of Maison van den Boer


NieuwZuijd Catering
‘We are greatly honoured to have recently renewed our partnership with Singer Laren, and see it as the culmination of our work over the past few years. We are proud to stand alongside the other two renowned preferred suppliers, Maison van den Boer and MPS.’
- Françoise Nieuwland, director of NieuwZuijd Catering

MPS | food & design
‘We have been catering events for regular clients at Singer Laren for several years now, and we greatly enjoy doing so. Singer Laren exudes quality, and is open to new ideas. That is where we truly come together, for the world is changing, and so is the world of food. It is up to us to ensure that this is brought to our customers in the best and most appropriate way. That is a true art.’
- Erwin Verschoor, director of MPS | food & design

Come make yourself at home at Singer Laren, where art not only comes to life, it can also be found in the surprising and exquisite food prepared by our preferred caterers.

Read about the story of Singer Laren here.


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