A stylish lunch or dinner

Some things are better discussed over lunch or dinner, as our neighbours to the south know only too well. Ideas flow better in a relaxed setting, particularly in an inspiring place.

So why not organise an exclusive lunch or dinner surrounded by art? You can of course dine in the dining room in the classic, welcoming surroundings of the villa. Or what about dining at tables set with stylish modern designer ware in one of our galleries? Or let us transform our billiards room, performers’ bar, Anna’s greenhouse or one of the many paved areas in the sculpture garden into a unique lunch or dinner venue for your guests. We can accommodate groups ranging from eight to 300.

Our preferred caterers MPS | food & design, Maison van der Boer and NieuwZuijd Catering will provide just the right dishes for your lunch or dinner, whether your preference is for the understated, creative, festive or businesslike. Their food will give your afternoon or evening just the right tone or voice, so that both the setting and the culinary element ensure you feel ‘at home at Singer’.

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