Art invites you to look. Until going on a journey in your head. Looking at art inspires, amazes and raises questions. In our museum, students are introduced to real art in a museum environment. Our museum lessons and tours are full of surprising, active working methods that inspire, stimulate and motivate. The lessons are taught by a team of professional museum teachers who receive and guide the students with great enthusiasm.

Tailor-made program
The best projects and museum lessons are created in collaboration with schools. Do you have ideas about a museum visit or do you want to join art projects at your school? The education department is happy to help make it an unforgettable experience for students.

Preparation for school
Good preparation for school ensures a more enjoyable experience in the museum and the pupils learn even more. Before your visit, you will receive digital teaching material in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. During this preparation, the students already practice looking closely. After the preparation, the students have a better idea of ​​what they will see and do during the museum visit. This will enable them to bridge the gap between prior knowledge and expectations and learn more. See here an example of the presentation for primary education (middle and upper years). If the school wishes a different preparation, we are happy to help. Of course, a teacher can use the presentation as a start for their own lesson series.

Museum visit & workshop: learning to look by doing (duration approx. 120 minutes)
Combine a museum visit with a workshop and let students, inspired by the art in the museum, get to work themselves. As a result, students go through a creative process of orientation, research, reflection and evaluation.
Target group: all classes and levels of primary education, secondary education and secondary education
Duration: 120 minutes (museum visit 45 minutes, short break with lemonade and a treat, followed by a workshop)
Costs: Members: € 180 per class. Non members: € 245 per class of 30 students

Guided tours: learn to actively look at art (duration approx. 60 minutes)
During a tour, students are actively involved in viewing and talking about the works of art on display in the museum. Through surprising objects and assignments, the students not only learn more about visual art, but they also learn to express what they see and feel and experience in such a way that everyone sees differently. Which artwork makes you happy or what moves you? Of course we can take the curriculum and / or art projects at school into account. A treasure hunt, viewing guide or workshop can be used in consultation.
Target group: all classes and levels of primary education, secondary education and secondary education
Duration: 45 minutes guided tour or 30 minutes guided tour + 30 minutes treasure hunt or viewing guide
Costs: Members: € 80 per class. Non members: € 110 per class of 30 students

Guided tours are free for all primary schools in Laren

Drawing in the museum (duration approx. 60 minutes)
What could be more fun than getting started in the museum yourself? With our programs we encourage students to look at art even better. By drawing yourself you see and discover more. After a short (interactive) tour, the students choose a favorite work of art to draw. Materials are provided.
Target group: all classes and levels of primary education, secondary education and secondary education
Duration: guided tour 30 minutes + 30 minutes drawing
Costs: Members: € 80 per class. Non members: € 110 per class of 30 students
Please note that this program can only take place before 11 a.m. (opening time of the museum).

Kindergarten program 'Spot & Laila' (approx. 60 minutes with workshop approx. 90 minutes)
Go on an adventure with Spot and Laila the dogs of Anna and William Singer. A mobile doghouse full of attributes and games provides a pleasant introduction to the museum. While watching and playing, the children discover the collection of Anna and William and get to know the residents of the museum. It is possible to extend the visit with a workshop in the Singer Atelier.
Target group: groups 1, 2 and 3
Duration: 60 minutes
Costs: Members: € 90 per class of max. 30 students
Non-Members: € 126 per class of max. 30 students
Including preparatory teaching materials including the picture book 'At home in the museum'
Workshop: Members € 90 and non-members € 100 per class of max. 30 students

Animation workshop Move me! (120 minutes)
During 'Move me', students make a stop motion video in which art comes to life. The students first gain inspiration in the museum or the sculpture garden. Then they go to the studio for the workshop. Collaboration, media literacy and creative thinking, they are all part of this cheerful art project. Curious about this program? Then watch this video.
Target group: primary education group 6 to 8, secondary education all classes
Duration: 120 minutes (museum visit + workshop)
Costs: Members € 180 and non-members: € 245 per class of max. 30 students.
In collaboration with Toonbeeld schoolprojects.

Encounters with different art disciplines are indispensable to discover who you are, what appeals to you and what views you have. At Singer Laren, students can actively experience art in the theater (performing arts), museum and sculpture garden (visual art). A visit with CKV students can consist of a tour (form of dialogue, question-oriented) and viewing guide.
Read more about CKV, the new dimensions and Singer Laren here. A research assignment has been developed especially for CKV.


For bookings, please contact the reception of Singer Laren 035 539 39 56 or