Singer Laren

Code yellow

Monday February 15th 2021

Dutch meteorological agency KNMI issued a Code Red weather warning for the entire country over concerns that roadways, particularly local streets, will be very icy. The advice: stay at home. To enjoy a beautiful painting at home, it is Code yellow with us today ;-)

‘Uncommonly charming’ was how journalist Cornelis Veth described this portrait of a woman ‘in yellow against a gold background’. Portrait commissions gave Sluijters a welcome source of regular income. Thanks in part to attractive portraits of women such as this, in the 1920s his services were in great demand. Sometimes, he had so many commissions that he longed for ‘a month of rest now and then in order to work really hard for once’ on paintings with subjects of his own choosing.

Jan Sluijters, Portrait of a Lady in Yellow, circa 1911-1913, Oil on canvas, Singer Laren, on loan from a private collection