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Van Vlissingen Art Foundation

Geertje van de Kamp

Exhibition until January 10, 2021
  • 3 Nov
    10 Jan
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Geertje van de Kamp

Visual artist Geertje van de Kamp (1986), winner of the 'Van Vlissingen Art Foundation Grant 2020', will exhibit this autumn in Singer Laren.

Van Vlissingen Art Foundation

Inspiration. A word with meaning. A word that starts with in art. And a word that the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation has been using as a guideline since 2008 to highlight, encourage and inspire talented Dutch visual artists to take new steps in their artistry.

Every year an artist is given the opportunity to make a trip to find inspiration for new work. The work is turned into a book and an exhibition. This year visual artist Geertje van de Kamp has been selected. Fascinated by origami, she traveled to Japan for inspiration in 2019 to be inspired by surprising Japanese architecture, the people and nature.

Mouse steps and origami

From mouse steps to origami: folded paper is an important source of inspiration for Geertje van de Kamp. Yet no paper is used in her intriguing works of art, which consist of two (partially) painted glass plates. The painting flips over, as it were, from the front to the back plate; the folding work is done by your eyes and brain. With the help of shadows, light and reflections, Geertje shows how relative the difference is between spatiality and flatness, and between abstraction and figuration.

Publication: Geertje van de Kamp in Japan

Geertje van de Kamp in Japan, written by Maarten Buser, elaborates on the journey and the impressions Geertje gained, but also on her development before and after. What inspiration did she draw from her confrontation with a visual stimulus explosion and from the calming logic of origami?

Geertje van de Kamp in Japan is available in the Singer Shop from Tuesday 3 November for € 29.95 (publisher Waanders & De kunst).

You can visit this exhibition with a ticket for the Painters of Light exhibition. Monet to Sluijters.


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