Tue 3 Dec - Sun 29 Mar

Window of Opportunity

Martens & Visser
  • 3 Dec - 29 Mar
    Centrale Entreefoyer

You can see a brand new artpiece by the artists Martens & Visser from Tuesday December 3rd: Cosmic View. It is the third in a series of presentations under the name Window of Opportunity. In this, young, talented artists are invited to make a piece to be shown in front of the monumental window of the theatre. The location makes it so that it is both seen by visitors of Singer Laren, as well as passers-by. During opening hours, the artpiece is on view 'up close' without a museum- or theatre ticket.

Window of Opportunity is a collaboration with the Keep an Eye Foundation

Martens & Visser

Martens & Visser is a collaboration between Michiel Martens and Jetske Visser. The themes movement and transformation, inspired by nature, are central in their work. The tangible and the digital become one in installations, sculptures and objects.

It is like Martens' and Visser's work exists in between reality and an imaginary, dreamlike world. With their work they suggest a passing moment, elusive and potentially vanished again a moment later.

Jan Rudolph de Lorm, Museum Director