Tue 14 Jan - Sun 10 May

Mirror of the Soul. Toorop tot Mondriaan

Exhibition from January 14th until May 10th 2020
  • 14 Jan - 10 May
  • 15 Mar - 15 Mar

Around 1880 the rapid industrialisation of the Netherlands led to material prosperity and an explosive city growth spawned a dynamic urban culture. Yet a number of artists looked beyond the progress of the modern age and attempted to portray the inner life of the individual in their search for spirituality and reflection. Art was to be the mirror of the soul. This goal was also expressed in the form of new styles, from precise realism to stylisation, pointillism and luminism. Besides oils, artists also began to work in watercolour, gouache and  pencil. Personal symbols and hidden meanings created unprecedented images. What connected these artists was their belief in a shining future, in a society where men and women, workers and employers would be equal. This is also reflected in their art.

Though the dream died when the First World War broke out, the seed of a new art had already been sown.

Samenwerking met het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Spiegel van de ziel. Toorop tot Mondriaan is een samenwerking met het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. De tentoonstelling sluit aan bij het boek Spiegel van de werkelijkheid. 19de-eeuwse schilderkunst in Nederland door Jenny Reynaerts, senior conservator schilderijen in het Rijksmuseum, dat is verschenen bij uitgeverij Mercatorfonds en het Rijksmuseum. Dit boek is het langverwachte antwoord op de vraag naar een nieuw overzicht van de 19de-eeuwse schilderkunst in Nederland. Reynaerts is tevens gastcurator van de tentoonstelling.

In this exhibition it is not about a certain style, it is about the intention of the artist. Artists who offer the viewer a look into their deeper selves.

Jan Rudolph de Lorm, Museum Director