Jan Sluijters

Jan Sluijters and the Modernists

9 March - 28 August 2022
Wed 9 Mar - Sun 28 Aug

Jan Sluijters and the Modernists

9 March 2022 – 28 August 2022

On 10 April 2018 a leading Dutch newspaper ran a front-page story about a major donation to Museum Singer Laren. The museum was to be gifted an impressive private collection – the Nardinc Collection, consisting of more than forty works by Jan Sluijters (1881-1957) and over seventy works by other modernists of his time. Singer Laren will be celebrating this extraordinary gift from 9 March 2022 to 8 May 2022 with an exhibition entitled Sluijters and the Modernists – The Nardinc Collection.

The work of Jan Sluijters will be the common thread in the exhibition, showcased in five thematic rooms, among the work of other Dutch modernists. A plethora of exuberant images will be on display, painted with feeling, bold colours and loose brushwork, the pleasure of painting almost tangible in the resulting artworks. Come and enjoy the vibrant luminist landscapes, exuberant floral works, swinging dancers and captivating portraits in the new Nardinc galleries, which will be opening for the first time next spring.